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    What can by the cause for dull back ache (lower back and left kidney area)?

    I've had it for the last few days.
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    Brian Lee


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    It can be many things, ie referred pain from joint, disc, or kidney; or localized muscles. You can either see a GP or a physio in this case, but if physio treatment doesn't seem to affect this pain (not even better or worse), then straight away, go see a GP in case that physio overfocusing on the back and overlook the possibility of something internal

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    There are many structures that can cause dull pain in the left  lower back. If it were your kidney one needs to ask if there is any changes in your toilet habits (number 1), do you have a fever, does the pain refer/travel to the left lower abdomen etc. These may be some of the questions asked if it is a kidney issue. If the problem is musculo-skeletal in nature one ask if can  reproduce your pain with any particular movements, does sitting/standing aggravate your pain, is there something you did that triggered your pain etc. An osteopath can definetly address your pain if it is caused musculo-skeletal in nature if however it is kidney related it is advised to see your GP. 

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