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    Does my 4yo have large adenoids?

    My 4yo daughter is so congested in her nose I am currently awaiting a call back from a ENT specialist but would like opinions from other ENT's. My daughter snores so loud I can hear it from the other side of the house, the breathing is just constantly through her mouth. I have tried just about everything from nasonex to vapourisers and antibiotics etc but not even the slightest bit of relief, she has constant dark circles under her eyes. I'm not sure if it's the lack of sleep or her congestion but she will wake with night terrors etc from not breathing properly in her sleep and is having trouble pronouncing words because of her blocked nose. Is it most likely enlarged adenoids or are there other things I should enquire about and if adenoids what is to follow after diagnosis? Thanks in advance
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    Dr Sim Choroomi

    Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

    With a combination of loud snoring and mouth breathing - large adenoids are the most likely cause. Large turbinates (the air filters we have inside our nose) is the next likely cause. Certainly referal to an ENT specialist is recommended. If you have already tried various sprays and this sleep disordered breathing is not improving then an operation would likely be recommended.

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