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    How do I prevent my child from getting catching an illness that is spreading around school?

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    Every winter the kids seem to get sick.. how do I help prevent my child from getting whatever seems to be passing around?
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    This is a great question that every parent asks at some stage and as a parent of two young ones I know how hard it is when your children are unwell.
    The first part of my answer is that really every child needs to get those common colds and flus unfortunately. This regular assault on there immune system helps to increase the function of there immune system and fight off more serious illness, the benefits of this are well documented.

    We want to avoid the cotton wool kids syndrome where our children are never exposed to common bugs and so become more prone to severe reactions when they do come into contact with common bacteria and viruses. Let your children play and explore and realize that a couple of flus and colds a year are a normal part of them growing to be happy and healthy.

    Now the  things we can do to boost their immune sytstem.  The first is to make sure they get enough omega 3 fatty acids, these are found in your fatty fish such as Salmon and Tuna. A small serving three times a week is enough to make a significant difference.

    Next is to make sure they get enough fresh fruits and vegetables, we suggest starting every meal with some raw fruit or veges whatever your children will eat. These are full of amino acids and vitamin C which directly influence our immune system.

    Exercise also boosts the immune system so make sure the whole family goes for a walk before dinner or that we walk to school. Make this a part of every day that your children look forward to and you can ensure they are not a part of the 50% of our children who are obese.

    Lastly ensure they are getting enough rest. We all recognize that we need sleep when we are I'll. We also need it when we are well, particularly children. Ensure they have quiet time before bed where they read or talk about the best things of there day that allows them to go to a deep secure sleep so they can regenerate from the strains of the day.
    I hope this helps answer your question. There is no easy answer, every child will suffer from illness however with a wholistic approach to their health these illnesses can be reduced and managed more easily.

    Good luck!

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