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    My boyfriend has clinical depression, what do I do?

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    My boyfriend says that he's numb to everything. He tries his hardest to do everything he can to make him happy, but his clinical depression has just been getting bad. He took prescription depression pills back a couple years ago, but stopped because they didn't work, so he will never get depression pills again. He also thinks that a therapist is a waste of money because he has tried it a few years ago and he said it was a waste of money and didn't help. We have just been starting to workout together, but he says even then he still feels numb to everything and he knows it should make him happy, but it doesn't. We go out to movies and restaurants and do things that SHOULD genuinely make him feel happy, but can't feel it. He says he knows he loves me, but can't feel that either. I still love him very much. I don't know what to do as of now.
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  • Shelley Murphy

    Counsellor, Psychotherapist

    I work with Solution Focused Therapies with particular success with clients who have been controlled by their anxiety, phobias, depression, relationship, communication and self worth … View Profile

    The feelings of hopelessness and "what's the point" is the depression talking. It can be a frustrating time trying to get the medication and the therapist right but it is worth pursuing.

    If your boyfriend doesn't want to spend anymore money on seeking help there are free methods of support available.

    I would start with they have a variety of supports which both you and your boyfriend can access.

    In the meantime it is important than in your efforts to support your boyfriend that you take appropriate care of you. Depression is not contagious but it is all too easy to burn out while you are taking on the responsibility for their happiness. You could see a therapist/ counsellor yourself to support you through this challenging time.

    Successful relationships are possible with a partner who is depressed , you just need to arm yourself with all the information and support that is available.

    Good luck to you both

  • My aim is to make clients feel comfortable and understood, and to assist them in developing effective coping strategies to deal with theirdifficulties. I work … View Profile

    I agree with Shelley. Being there for your boyfriend is just as important as taking care of yourself. There are some great web-based resources on the internet describing the symptoms of depression, the thought processes underlying depression, and then working with these thought processes.

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