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    Why do I always feel blue at Christmas?

    Everyone around me is happy and having fun, but I always feel sad.

    What's wrong with me?
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    It's seldom helpful to ask ourselves “What's wrong with me?” A more helpful question may be “What's happened to me, that I feel sad around Xmas?”  For many people, events like Xmas can trigger not so happy memories about things that have happened in the past, particularly with family. Xmas is presented to us in the media as a time when happy families get together and enjoy each other's company. If you don't have happy, uncomplicated relationships with your family members, you may feel sad that this isn't available to you. Sadness and other strong feelings can act as a form of memory - i.e. I am feeling sad because I am remembering sad/difficult events that happened in my family. 

    Rather than give yourself a hard time this Xmas about why you are feeling sad, perhaps you might be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be with your sadness, and to be gently curious about what the sadness is telling you about what has happened to you. You may benefit from counselling to help you make the links between what you are feeling and what has happened, and to process these feelings.

    All the best, Vivienne

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