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    Should I get a benign nodule on my thyroid surgically removed?

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    I'm 38 and have a 4.2 cm benign nodule that is mixed solid and cystic within the left lobe. I'd like to have another baby - will pregnancy hormones make it larger? I'd rather avoid surgery if it's not necessary but if there's a chance it will become cancerous I'd rather be rid of it now.
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    Hi I have had my thyroid removed approximately 2 years ago I had about 6 nodules that were quite large 4cm and needed to have a fine needle biopsy done to determine next step. what has your doctor recommended?  how large is the nodule?.  and are you having thryoid issues?    I do know sometimes the endrocologists / doctors would monitor the nodules and depending how it is affecting your TSH health levels on treatment options. 

    good luck with it all.


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    Mr Amro Labib

    Breast Surgeon, Endocrine Surgeon (Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal), General Surgeon

    Thyroid nodules that are bigger than 4cm in size will generally need to be removed as we know that the risk of malignancy in thyroid nodules goes higher if it`s 4 cm or more. 

    Pregnancy will put some more physiological stress on your thyroid gland to make it work harder during pregnancy to meet the extra metabolic demand of the body. Surgery will involve removing only half of the gland (providing there is no other big nodules on the opposite side) and it`s usually very tolerated procedure by patients if you choose an experienced endocrine surgeon.. hope this helps ..

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    Dr Nicolas Oddone Baridon MBBS, MS, MD, FRACS is an accomplished and passionate General Surgeon whose main interest is thyroid surgery (endocrine surgeon). He has … View Profile

    Thyroid nodules at this size, would usually need to be excised(removed). The larger the nodule the higher the risk of compressive symptoms. As well there is significant risk of what we call sampling error when we get a needle biopsy. This is, you are informed of a benign non cancerous result, however as the nodule is so big, it is not an accurate result, delaying the treatment of a cancer that can be cured by surgery. In specialised hands, this nodules have excellent outcome and minimal complication rate. Seek the opinion of a surgeon specialised in thyroid surgery.

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