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    What is the best surgical option for my Breast Cancer treatment?

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    Dr Michael Yunaev

    Breast Surgeon, General Surgeon

    There are many factors that guide treatment decision for Breast Cancer. These can be grouped into cancer specific factors, patient specific factors and surgeon specific factors.

    Cancer specific factors include size, aggressiveness of tumour (grade), margins of resection, hormone and other receptor status, lymph node status, presence or absence of cancer spread outside of the breast to name a few.

    Patient specific factors include size of the cancer in relation to the size of the breast, the position of the cancer, the overall clinical scenario, family history and likelihood of genetically inherited cancer, patient’s preference and importance of breast preservation, ability to maintain a lifelong surveillance post treatment, as well as possibly access to post mastectomy reconstruction. Not least of these factors is the cost of the procedure to the patient.

    Surgeon specific factors include surgeon’s expertise and training and ability to offer a range of Oncoplastic approaches or standard approaches only, as well as possibility of reconstruction at the same time or after the cancer removal.

    These factors are very fluid and of variable importance in each individual’s case, however, they need to be considered and weighed up by the surgeon and the patient when making decisions about the most appropriate approach.

    For more information on Oncoplastic surgery and Oncoplastic approaches please visit my website

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