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    What can I do about my premature ejaculation?

    I am unmarried 29 years old male with normal health conditions.

    Recently I had sex with a women, and I was not able to satisfy her. At the start of oral sex by her to me, I started to ejaculate within 1 minute. I didn't even have intercourse with her.

    I masturbate regularly, but complete within few minutes. I watch porn intensively.

    How can I increase my sexual drive as I am about to get married.
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    Jeremy Barbouttis

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist

    Jeremy is an expert in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Relationships & Addictions. Jeremy is a Clinical Supervisor with the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.Specialisations: Stop Smoking Hypnosis, … View Profile

    What I understand from your posting is that you ejaculated quickly and didn't have intercourse with this  women and you want to know how to improve your sex drive. It might be that you are wanting to improve your satisfaction with your sexual relations.

    It can be quite disheartening when we feel like we might have let the other person down, or not lived up to expectation.

    You might consider seeing a Sex Therapist, who can be very helpful in helping you to feel more confident in your sexuality, in addition to helping directly with your sexual concerns.

    One practical option that might help is taking longer to masturbate, up to 15 minutes, to learn to develop more self control over ejaculation. Think of a mental scale of 1 to 9 and aim to keep your arousal at about 5. You can stop, slow down, change technique, use fantasy, or take deep breathes to help keep it at that level.

    When with someone, after ejaculating, there is a recovery period, after which you can get an erection and then continue on with other sexual activity.

    However, in the end, it is how you work out how to make the intimacy side of your relationship work with your partner that is most important. It is with them that you will work through all of this to make it satisfying for both of you. If you find then that you are having difficulties, again a Sex Therapist would be your best option, and you can both go speak about how to get things working better.

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