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    After 4 months of therapy, why can only lift 2lbs with my leg?

    I can only lift 2lbs with my leg after surgery in May. I had 4 months of therapy 3 days a week.

    My knee was catching so had bilateral release surgery. Also my knee did not grow right, so in my younger years my knee cap would slip off, had to lift weights and wear brace for sports, so is this why I am not getting any strength back because they cut the only ligaments that we're holding my knee cap in place.

    I can not walk up stairs with that leg and can not run, it feels like it is going to slip out. I had tests on my nerves to make sure there was no nerve damage & I had the Epi electric shock (Russian) and we could never get quad to fire.

    Wondering what to do now, this leg is so frustrating.
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  • Ian Montgomery

    Exercise Physiologist

    Experienced exercise physiologist specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. With over 10 years experience working with clients returning to work after injuries I offer specialised physical conditioning … View Profile

    Saying you can only lift 2lbs is this with a straight leg raise or knee extension exercie? If you have capacity for moving some weight, even 2lbs, it suggests there may be some low level of function in the muscle. Re-establishing motor patterns through functional movements can assist in engaging muscles to perform tasks, squats, step ups, lunges are all examples of functional movements which rely on multiple musles working in co-ordination across more than one joint to perform the particular task. I'd be interested to hear more about what you can do with your leg and what you have tried treatment wise to this point

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