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    Do I have sleep apnoea?

    I had the idea to Do It Myself sleep study to find out what was going on while I had my eyes closed, I wired in an infrared security cam and recorded my sleep for the last couple of nights, in the morning I put the 8/9hrs of footage into my edit suite and logged the data such as: Total time still until next movement
    Sleeping position
    Partner disturbance

    I've noticed (logged only 2 nights worth of data so far) that my average time until I move or roll into another position is about 20minutes, my max time still/asleep was 55min on the first night and 35min on the second night.
    I'm moving 40-50 times throughout the night.
    I'm mostly sleeping in 20min chunks before I move/roll over then maybe another chunk, the first night I had 2 3x25min chunks (broken by a movement/roll over). The second night was more erratic.

    Why am I waking up so much, this is surely effecting my deep phase sleep? Could this be sleep apnea? How could I tell or should I get my Doc to refer me?
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    The Sleep Health Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of ‘valuing sleep’ as part of a healthy lifestyle alongside regular exercise, a … View Profile

    If you believe that you have a sleep disorder we recommend that you visit your GP and request a referral to a sleep specialist who can provide you with a diagnosis. You can also check fact sheets on obstructive sleep apnoea and central sleep apnoea for more information.

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