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    Is it normal to have my period after menopause?

    Hi I have not had periods for 12 months I hurt my lower back quite badly two weeks ago and have been having myotheraphy treatment for it. I don't know if its related but last night my back was really sore and I now have my period, my breasts had been sore in the week leading up.
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  • Dr Karen Osborne

    GP (General Practitioner)

    Sydney GP specialising in Reproductive & Sexual Health for both women and men. At Clinic 66, we deal with a wide range of reproductive and … View Profile

    Whilst this may be due to a hormonal “blip”, post-menopausal bleeding should always be investigated as it can be a symptom of cancer of the endometrium (uterus lining).
    Please make an appointment with your GP asap for referral to a gynaecologist for investigation.
    good luck, I hope it all turns out to be normal

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