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    What could be causing my genital itchiness?

    My Husband was on Antibiotics for Influanza A. He was very sick and ended up in hospital. ever since this incident he has a very itchy anus. I have got the same problem now after we had sex 1 time, this has gone on for months and niether of us wants to go to doctors. Its very embarrasing. I have changed washing powder ,soap and wormed both of us used different creams ect. It is more pronouned when we use the toilet. Im pretty sure it is not thrush. My vagina seems wet all the time. I am 54 and my husband is 60. It is driving us up the wall. Its very hard to ignore please help.
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    Hi, despite the fact your are reluctant to go to a Dr. with this problem I feel you will have to ‘bite the bullet’ if you want these annoying symptoms diagnosed properly and appropriate treatment commenced.Sounds like you have tried some different approaches which is great.but unfortunatley the problems still exist for you both. it is interesting that your husbands problem only started after he was on antibiotics which makes one naturally consider Thrush as the culprit. However, there are so many conditions that can cause genital ithching, alllergies, thrush, sexually transmitted infections, skin disorders etc. that one could only hazard a guess. Answers and a solution are what you need, not guessing. The majority of doctors will recognize that you are uncomfortable and will try to put you at your ease. |Please click on the link provided for further reading
    Kind regards
    Women’s Health Educator
    Health Information Line, Women’s Health Queensland Wide

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