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    How do I convince my orthodontist to take my braces off?

    I had maxillary expansion 31 may 2012, followed by braces (which are still on) and then mandibular advancement 14 August 2013. At the moment 20 Sept 2013 I'm wearing bands to pull my lower jaw back - as after the surgery it was directly under my top teeth.

    My question is : how do I get these things off my teeth? I hate them. Every second of every day. I know I haven't had them on very long compared to some people but I rely want them off.

    I know I'll have to move to both bottom and top retainers - and that's okay. I've spent in excess of $30K on the braces and Ill wear the retainers. But I want them off.

    I can't convince my orthodontist to take them off. He just avoids the question if I ask for any schedule or time frame. And I'm bluntly honest about his much I hate them and want them off.

    How do I convince my ortho to take them off ?
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    The simple answer to this question is just be patient.. All good things take time. Unfortunately this is not what you want to hear right now but your orthodontist is a specialist who is extensively trained and qualified to determine when the best time is for your braces to come off.. There are certain things that going on that you will be unaware of, and the orthodontist is fine tuning the result so that you have healthy straight teeth in the long-run.
    It's not simply a matter of wearing retainers. The teeth have to be moved into the right position, and the retainers just hold them there..
    Just think of how much money and time has already been spent getting your teeth and jaws to where they are. Wouldn't it be a hige waste to quit now when all the hard work has been done?
    Just hang in there buddy.. It'll all be worth it in hindisight!!

    Keep smiling :)

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    Sharon Moore

    Speech Pathologist

    I am a Speech Pathologist with 30 years clinical experience, working over the years with a wide range of clients with communication and swallowing disorders. … View Profile

    I am wondering what your main irritation is with having the braces on? Is it comfort? aesthetics? dietary changes? cleaning issues? sensation? Were you given a time frame for braces before they were fitted? Your orthodontist will be aiming for the best possible result for you with the most ideal jaw/teeth positioning  that supports and compliments functions of  the mouth: swallowing biting chewing and speaking. I have patients who have had their braces on for up to 3 years and their orthodontist wants to be certain of the best result before removing them.
    He/she will aim to remove the braces once he/she is confident of the best most stable result possible.
     Changes in your bite and teeth position will be influenced by periodontal and gingival fibres (tissues and fibres of the gum), which have elastic properties and can cause relapse after treatment until a stable result is acheived. The other factors which can affect outcomes for orthodontic treatment are facial and oral muscle rest and movement patterns.
    There are orthodontic patients who may have experience relapse after orthodontic treatment and your doctor will be aiming to avoid this. 

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    Dr Wijey was born in Sydney, and then moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he graduated from Griffith University in Dentistry in 2009. At … View Profile

    The simple answer is actually to ask the orthodontist directly to take the braces off.

    You have the prerogative to ask for this, and I compeltely empathise with your situation.

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    Jaffar Dental - Trusted and Established since 1997. We are a family owned General Dental Practice offering a friendly and caring environment in Waterford QLD. … View Profile

    Their expertise as to the timing of braces removal is of the upmost importance.

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    Dr Wijey was born in Sydney, and then moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he graduated from Griffith University in Dentistry in 2009. At … View Profile

    Unfortunately, all the research shows that no matter what lapidary movements we do with braces, there is not much chance of stability. The most authortitative research done by Little et al (1981) found that only 10% of cases remianed “clinically acceptable” 20 yrs post-retention.

    Braces push teeth into a position that is not at harmony with the surrounding musculature, so that permanent retention is needed for life once treatment is finished. If you are happy with the alignment of the teeth, then all the research proves having the braces off sooner is not going to affect stability in the slightest. 

    In fact, the less time you are in braces, the less chance you have of root resorption, enamel damage, demineralisation and associated white spot lesions, periodontal disease and decay.

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