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    Why do my teeth smell?

    I have noticed a bad smell coming from my teeth.
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    Bad odours are usually a by-product of bacteria. Bad breath or halitosis, originates in the mouth 80% of the time, some times as a symptom of an underlying disease which needs to be treated promptly. The breath smell is caused by the presence of both bacterial and food debris, which together are the source of mouth odour. The bacteria may be hiding in your gums, tooth cavities or on your tongue. Hence to stop the bad breath, there is a need to address the various possible sources. The bacteria which reside in the gums pockets can be removed by home care and professional cleaning. Decay , tooth cavities, need to be cleaned and then the resulting bacteria free cavities filled with a “filling”. The tongue could be cleaned with a tongue scraper which removes the dead skin and bacteria from the top side of the tongue.

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    Most common cause is tarter build up inflaming the gums or a gastric reflux problem.

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