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    Can radioactive treatment cause Pagets disease?

    I have developed Pagets since removal of my thyroid and radioactive idiodine treatment for cancer.

    Do Endocrinologists treat Pagets? My breast cancer oncologist has suggested and endocrinologist but my GP thinks a rheumatoligist.

    Bone scans were normal 2 years ago when first diagnosed for both cancers but recent bone scan after x-rays showed fractures in my spine, and so diagnosed Pagets disease in my spine, facial bones and skull.

    Would the radioactive treatment have caused this?
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    My understanding, based on a PubMed search, is that radiotherapy is not a risk factor for Paget's disease.
    I think that your GP and oncologist have both made sensible suggestions -  getting referral(s) to a rheumatologist and/or an endocrinologist is a good plan.
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