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    Can a dentist send dental xrays via email?

    I had some xrays of my teeth taken and would like a second opinion of the results. I do not want to have another xray taken as I do not think this is healthy but am told by my dentist that they can not send me my xray as they are digitalised but I just can't believe this! What do you think?
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    Yes, but a digital radiography machine is needed. Not all practices have this.

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    Radiographs (x-ray films and images) and your records are the property of the dental surgery, even if you did pay for it. However, if you have signed a written consent to release these records, a majority of practices would be able to provide you with a copy.

    Having said that, the old x-ray films may be difficult to provide you a copy of, since legally we are required to keep radiographs of all treatment on file. There are methods to copy x-ray films, some modern scanners can do this quite well, and an electronic copy can be given to you.

    Digital x-ray images, from my understanding, a copy can usually be made in various formats, unless there are coding locks or they are in a format that only a particlur software can view them, this could be what they are possibly referring to. I would contact your dentist to see if he/she could help you out with any concerns in particular.

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    Most digital x-rays can be sent by email. The printed x-rays can be photographed over a light box reader using a digital camera and the resulting digital image can then be emailed.In Australia dentists are required by law to retain control of their radiographs if they are needed for a Dental Board enqquiry or a criminal or civil court case.

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