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    What else can I do for my son to lose weight?

    My son is 8 yrs old app 135 cm and weighs 60 kg. I have tried and tried to help him lose wieght but it wont shift. he carries alot in his belly and I get depressed as i dont know what to. He has been swimming twice a week as he has perthes disease and cant do serious cardio as he suffers later after a game of soccer. Is there anything I can do. I took him to a dietician and she gave me something that showed what to eat but he was sick and starved for 4 days as he could not eat and nothing came off at all. I dont know what to do and it depresses me as he gets teased at school and people stare at him. is there anyone I can see or something I have not done to help him.
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  • Emma Djukic

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Emma Djukic is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems in children and adolescents. These include: Bullying … View Profile

    It is helpful I believe to start thinking about the problem from a family perspective rather than focussing on your son only - consider your family's approach to food e.g. what types of food you typically prepare for family meals, portion size, the types of snacks that are available at home.  Also consider the activity levels of each member of the family.  Older members of the family will be important role models and may have a strong influence on your son's food choices and activity levels.
    Managing your son's weight may also require the assistance of several health professionals, including your family doctor, a dietitian, and medical specialists who may address the problem from a medical perspective.  A Clinical Psychologist may also be consulted in order to help your son to change some of the unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that may be maintaining the problem.  Learning how to recognise the link between emotions and eating, and how to deal with difficult emotions may also be very helpful for your son.
    Teasing and bullying at school is a very serious problem.  I would recommend discussing your directly with the school so that they are aware of the bullying and can respond to it as a matter of priority.
    I wish you all the best.

  • Anonymous

    I have been in the weight los business for many years(15 years) It is not a good idea to put a child on a “diet”. try introducing more protien with each meal.this will keep him feeling full for longer.When it comes to snacks introduce better choices, Start with fruit,sandwich,cereal,smoothie made with milk, yoghurt,fruit(frozen fruit).Exercise is important but make sure it is one he enjoys otherwise it will become a chore and will not continue.

  • anna1972

    HealthShare Member


    I do agree with the exercise and he tries but he has leg calve perthes disease and his nexcrosis in his hips is both not just one side and the left side is worse.   is there any other type of exercise besides swimming you can recommend. 

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