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    What can I do to help my 13y/o autistic daughter with the noise level at school?

    Her class at high school is to loud for her. She uses an ipod to cut the level but even that is not working anymore. She comes home from school and has a meltdown. These are getting bigger and are taking long to come out of.
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    Grant McKell


    Grant McKell is a counselling psychologist working in Sydney's inner west with over ten years' experience. He founded HeadsUp Psychology in August, 2011. Having worked in … View Profile

    This is a school issue that the school needs to address. Because of her disability, your daughter has a noise sensitivity. In turn, this sensitivity is making it impossible for her to have equitable access to the curriculum, which disadvantages her. Further, it is causing her emotional and psychological distress.
    You need to have a meeting with the school and, if need be, a meeting with people from higher up in the education system that you are in to address these concerns.
    Possible solutions can be:

    • removal from the noisiest settings to work in small groups
    • placing your daughter in a class cohort which is quieter
    • looking at why the noise levels in the class are loud and working to mitigate it (eg. hard floors vs carpet/rugs)

    However, a discussion with your daughter's school's learning support team needs to happen soon.

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    Aimee York

    Occupational Therapist (OT)

    Aimee is a fully registered occupational therapist, with a special interest area in paediatrics and mental health. She is experienced in the assessment and intervention … View Profile

    Apart from the above suggestions from Grant, I would suggest looking into a therapeutic listening program such as The Listening Program (TLP). Different listening programs can help train the inner ear to process auditory information more effectively and with less sensitivity. Ensure you approach a qualified practitioner.

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