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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Does hypnotherapy help with depression?

    I am not having much success with my psychologist visits. My walls of protection won't come down and she basically said if I wanted to take a break after seeing her for the last 2 years she would understand. Initially my thought path went to ‘I can’t be fixed'. I have been looking for other ways to get past my barriers and came across hypnotherapy for depression. Was after some opinions from either experts or people who have tried it. I don't know what else to do because nobody seems to be able to get past my defenses to help me recover from this severe depression I have been in and out of these past two years.
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  • Mark McHugh

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    In my experience, hypnotherapy has not helped with depression a great deal, because there is a large emotional and behavioral element to it. The things that have helped with depression have been interpersonal therapy which involve the interaction and the ways in interrelating with other people. And the ability to stay more present, rather than looking at the past, and maybe what had gone on in the past.

  • My aim is to make clients feel comfortable and understood, and to assist them in developing effective coping strategies to deal with theirdifficulties. I work … View Profile

    The effectivness of therapy can also depend very much on your therapeutic relationship with the counsellor/psychologist in addition to the modality or type of therapy you are seeking. All forms of therapy have their benefits and one of the challenging aspects if finding what type of counselling works for you, and who you work well with (or feel comfortable with).

  • Klaus Ruhl


    Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience. Trainer of NLP and Timeline Therapy. View Profile

    In my experience hypnotherapy can be very effective for depression.  There are many different forms of hypnotherapy available so I suggest that you discuss the approach in more detail with your chosen therapist to make sure you feel comfortable with both the therapist and the therapeutic approach.

    My therapy of choice for working with depression has been Timeline Therapy for a number of years now. You can think of Timeline Therapy as an advanced form of hypnotherapy. The key to fast and effective therapy is to leverage the incredible power of your unconscious (invisbible) mind with precision. Timeline Therapy, when correctly applied, is extremely effective in releasing emotional charges, whether it is depression or other negative emotions.

    Most clients I see for depression achieve life changing and permanent results within 3 to 5 sessions.

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