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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    I have been having thoughts of cutting; strategies to cope?

    I wish I could move forward but am having issues with trusting due a suffering a sexual assault in 1995/1996.
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    I am a psychologist in private practice.I also lecture and supervise psychologists/psychology students at University.I work with clients who suffer from depression and anxiety. I … View Profile

    If you are thinking about cutting, it s clear that your stress levels are much too high. In the short term  it will help to increase stress management strategies. Ie. relaxation classes, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and a regular exercise routine. Talk to friends and family, if this helps. Make an appointment to see your doctor and get a referral to see a psychologist. It looks like it is time through the issues that are causing you to be distressed.

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    You might find it helpful to join this forum: .

    It supports people in finding coping mechanisms other than self-injury (“cutting”).

    Declaration of interest: I am one of its volunteer administrators.

    All the best.

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    Beulah Warren


    Beulah Warren is a registered Psychologist who has worked with infants and their parents for over 20 years, initially on research projects and later clinically. … View Profile

    I would be trying to talk about what had been leading up to these thoughts of cutting ones self, I would be trying to understand where it was coming from. Has it recently started? What has been happening?
    It would be good to find somebody to refer you to where you can discuss it, because cutting yourself is not a solution – you need strategies to cope. You need to look at what is behind the cutting.

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    David Lawson


    We all have times when we need to talk with a person who really listens to us, someone outside our family or social circle - … View Profile

    Thanks for your honesty. That was a big step. Please find a caring counsellor someone who you are comfortable with to walk with you as you go through this. Some of my clients dance as a way to feel alive when they face the urge to cut. Your not a ‘freak’ because you do this but similar to others who have been sexually assaulted/abused and use cutting as a way to cope. Counselling will help you to share the burden of the pain you feel. It wont stop the urge for cutting striaght away but it will help lessen the pressure for it to happen. Take Care.

  • Georgina Watts

    Counsellor, Psychotherapist

    I am passionate about journeying with people on their road to wholeness. I work with males and females who are needing to work on self … View Profile

    Self-harm becomes an option for people who are trying to cope with some traumatic issues and it is basically a coping method. With the information you gave about your trauma in 1995/1996 i am wondering if you received some counselling then and whether they gave you any ideas you could re-introduce into your life. if not, then you need to find some activity to distract you for now and, at the first opportunity make an appointment to see a counsellor/psychologist in your area.

    Other than that there is a great booklet from Nillumbik Health ( called "From Harm to Calm" which offers alternatives such as rubbing ice on your wrist, wearing a rubber band and flicking it against your skin, going for a walk, journalling etc. 

    Also please call someone you trust if the urge gets stronger.

    georgi watts (counsellor)

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