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    Does eating fatty foods cause fatty liver?

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    Dr Guang Chen


    Dr Guang Chen is a proud Chinese Australian gastroenterologist and hepatologist practising in Western Sydney. He then completed his post-graduate training in internal medicine, gastroenterology … View Profile

    Yes and no. Diet should be considered in moderation. If you generally healthy and you have some chips or fried food occasionally, it probably wont cause fatty liver disease. On the other hand, if you eat fatty foods all the time and as a result you may be overweight. Then yes, the fatty food may be contributing to fatty liver. 

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    Angela Peris

    Registered Nurse

    I am passionate about helping people with Health and Wellbeing - with extensive knowledge and skills on cardiology and critical care nursing I have published … View Profile

    As mentioned by Dr Chen - yes and no - Healthy or not healthy eating, can affect your liver over time. Your liver acts as a filter and filters and breakdown what we eat drink, spray as perfume, creams as well as toxins and chemicals we inhale and consume over our life time. 

    Over time - it can get clogged up like your fuel filter, air filter in the car or the exhaust fans in the kitchen, Yet, we clean and replace our car fiters and wash our exhaust fans - bu tnever clean the filter inthe body - our Liver.

    It may be a good idea to do a Liver cleansing program and take a liver tonic for at least 2-3 weeks every 6-12months and see how you can clean up the fatty liver. 

    Liver detox doesn't have to be an intense diet - you need to avoid things that clogs up the liver - all fatty food, alcohol and red meats (stick with vegetables/fruits and avoid processed food and food with preservatives)  for a week or two and take a liver tonic (from Health Food stores) during this time and repeat your Liver Function blood test about 6 months after and see the effect. 

    Best wishes


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