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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Is it safe to adjust myself in the same way my chiropractor does?

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    Niki treats all ages and body types with low force, gentle chiropractic technques. She tailors her treatment program to your needs and charges highly competitive … View Profile

    We do not recommend self-adjusting because it can make the joints more lax. Joints above and below the fixed joint become hyper-mobile. When you self-adjust, it is usually these joints that are being affected and not the actual problem joint. You are never actually going to fix the problem when you are self-adjusting.

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    Dr Adam Wild


    I studied at Macquarie University completing both Bachelor and Master degree's. While there I was the Vice President of MUCSA (Macquarie University Chiropractic Students Association) … View Profile

    As Dr. McGuiness was saying that self adjusting leads to lax joints. Lax joints can then become problems in themselves and therefore worsen your condition. Self adjusting also becomes ‘addictive’ because of the short term relief it gives and so the cycle begins. Problem ==> feeling the need to self adjust==> short term relief ==> feeling the need to self adjust ==> increase lax joints ==> increase problem ==> increase the feeling to self adjust

  • Dr Chana Sztajer has treated seniors all over the world, most notably as the only Australian chiropractor ever to work on the Queen Mary 2. … View Profile

    I have to agree with both my colleagues above, and just to emphasise the seriousness of self-adjusting, I have come across patients who have severely hurt themselves by self-adjusting their necks and lower backs. It is physically impossible to self-adjust a joint that is fixed - you will end up adjusting an already mobile joint. If you are getting neck or back pain leave the adjusting to your chiropractor!

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