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    Will medical intervention help my mood swings, depression and marriage?

    I have mood swings and am usually depressed for almost half the day. My marriage is going through a rough time now but my husband has been repenting and wants to make a change. I am convinced, and want to give our marriage the second chance but I cannot get rid of my moodswings. Do I need medical intervention? Thanks
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    Julian McNally

    Counselling Psychologist, Psychologist

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    It depends.

    By “medical” I'm guessing you mean pharmaceutical as opposed to other approaches like nutrition, lifestyle changes or counselling. 

    Firstly, you need to be assessed. If a mood disorder is diagnosed then you may respond well to medication - but that depends on the type and severity of mood disorder as well as individual factors. You should get that assessment done by a psychiatrist or experienced medical practitioner. Depending on what that practitioner assesses, you may be recommended to undertake medication (or not) in combination with any of the other approaches I mentioned above.

    Your mood swings may be influencing your husband's behaviour, but that is not to say you are to blame for what he does. To give the marriage hope, you may both need to change some things you do. This is where marital counselling can help. You can find marriage and family therapists here on or through the Australian Association of Family Therapists.

    inally, consider that it may be possible to improve your marriage before the mood swing problem is resolved. Just because the feelings are difficult doesn’t mean you have to go on responding the same way. This is part of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach I use.

    Wishing you all the best - and remember to be kind to yourself.

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    I agree that your mood swings may be worked on in the course of marital/family therapy. It may be that you receive good support through relationship counselling and having your husband present may be very beneficial for you as you get this support. Also, working on your marriage issues may help with your mood swings. Finding a good relationship counsellor can be a very nurturing and supportive step that you take towards getting relief both from the pain of mood swings and from the relationship difficulties. Good Luck!

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