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    I'm having breathing issues and feel faint when talking - what can I do?

    I have been been having this issue for over two years breathing disturbances. It was terrible last year, I felt i may not make it into this year, but I'am here. We moved from my previous house to a new one and under a month it stopped. I have been free for almost 1 year...till my car went bad and I started carpooling with a friend. Maybe because of the discomort of his car, no AC etc. it has started coming back and now its disturbing me again. I was told by doctors that I'm anxious. I admit I'm a bit stressed out, Have some high blood pressure issues which I am managing with Hypertension drugs. Im mostly exhausted from talking a bit long. It waxes and wanes to some degree with some days being terrible. Please i need help..i love my wife and Kids and don't wanna go before I have raised them very well. Married for 5 years plus. Thank you
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    it certainly sounds like you are suffering some sort of anxiety and or panic attacks.  I will go back to the dr and let them know what is going on.  they could do some tests to rule out anything.  have you ever thought about meditation to help with your anxiety, and also perhaps see if you can be referred to a physcologist they maybe able to help with your anxiety and teach you coping techniques.  I would go back to you GP and talk about it again especially if it is causing you a lot of distress.  good luck.

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    Dr Sultan Noormohideen

    GP (General Practitioner)

    It would be interesting to know the medication you are on. Shortness of breath is a symptom associated with faintness should be evaluated with bloods to check ur iron and thyroid are ok. Also need to have ur heart rhythm checked and lung function test assessed. It could be anxiety in the setting of previous diagnoses after exclusion. If not I suggest u to see ur GP to get a through check up. Regards. Dr.sultan

  • Dr Sultan Noormohideen

    GP (General Practitioner)

    I think I can help u with some more information on your health condition. Regards 


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