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    Is my partner given up or is it depression taking over?

    My partner left last Aug out the blue, locked himself in his bedroom at his moms, drank regularly but still managed to work. Kept in contact mainly by txt but wouldn't see me, occasionally dropped shopping if he knew I wasn't home. He came back in January of this year when my dad passed away but went again in April, he hasn't seen any help whatsoever. I said to him do you think we should go our separate ways, not that I wanted this, just wanted for him to breakdown, admit he needs help and that he didn't want to lose me but I got noting. All he said was he'd given up, thrown in the towel on everything. I said you might as well go, which I didn't want. Hardly any contact now, only when he first went when I messaged him few times about counselling for us both all he responded was you said you didn't think we should be in a relationship and I love you, always will. I'm going through life on my own but don't forget me. Does he really mean that or is the depression taking over? Please help.
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    It sounds like you have very little, if any influence over what your partner decides to do about his depression or his relationship with you, and that you are really struggling with this. It's really important that you find support for yourself, so you can figure out what is best for you at the moment. Counselling can be a space just for you, to think about your own needs, and how to move forward. 

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