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    How can I tell if I'm working with right psychologist for me?

    I've been working with my psychologist for 6 months and I still find it hard to open up and sometimes leave feeling misunderstood, is this normal? The thought of changing is also a daunting one as starting over would be hard, how do I know I have the right fit for me?
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    For me, the most important thing has been rapport and mutual respect between me and my psychologist.

    Perhaps it would help if you wrote down a description of your concerns about your therapeutic relationship (this might help you to clarify your thoughts) and give what you have written to your psychologist to read.

    That could serve as a platform for discussion between you and him/her.

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    Pamela Vandersande

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    The therapuetic relationship between yourself and your psychologist by six months should have been well established by now.

    If you are still finding it hard to open up or feel you are being misunderstood then maybe the trust hasn't been established and your psychologist is not confirming with you on a regular basis their understanding of the your issues.

    If after six months you are still finding it difficult to open up and feel that you are being misunderstood then maybe it's time to shop around.  You need to know that they are with you on this journey.   Not being able to feel comfortable enough to open is an issue within itself.  

    Being able to relfect on your situation at hand is a strength within itself realizing that something is not as it should be.  Listen to your intuition and feel confident within yourself that you will find the right therapist.

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