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    How do I still feel useful after retired?

    Have been separated for around 5 years, now in my mid 60s and about to retire early next year. I have always had feelings of inadequacy since childhood, so need to challange myself and conquer problems to feel confident. My major regret was never having a degree, so have been going to uni part time over last few yaers, and expect to take up more units next year in retirement and finish degree over a number of years.
    I'm not looking forward to my retirement years as I don't feel that I will be contributing anymore to society, and really I don't see any purpose in life. Have had a very satisfying career in a technical management role. Being alone also means I can't discuss the above problems with anyone.
    I'm really not that interested in volunteering in retirement, as I find these organisations too rigid to work within.

    I guess my questions is; Can you still feel useful in retirement even though you are not contributing to society, and if so how?
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  • Savitri Devi


    I am a counselor/psychotherapist helping various community members build their self-confidence and resourcefulness in coping with bullying, victimization, loneliness and losses. I help South Pacific … View Profile

    You had a wonderful career that satisfied you and retirement seems that daunting aspect of life from where some of us feel as if we stand at an intersection not quite knowing which way to go.  But aging and retiring can be quite fulfilling if you begin looking within yourself for an interest that may have been there all the time but you never had the chance to address it before.  Now is the time to find that interest. Some pointers are; studies, music, art or writing about life experiences.  Some of my retired clients  show amazing talents in dancing, writing and arts.  Some have taken up ballroom dancing and have a wonderful time learning and teaching. I sincerely hope this helps you.

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