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    Is sorbitol OK to use for constipation if I suffer from F.M (Fibromyalgia)?

    If it is okay then how would it be taken? What about magnesium in tablet form for constipation for F.M. sufferers?
    Thank you
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  • Allison Byrnes


    In my practice, I provide nutritional consulting services to individuals, groups, and businesses. I'm interested in the role good nutrition plays in a healthy mind … View Profile

    To relieve constipation I'd suggest drinking plenty of water each day, and incorporating foods into your diet that are high in soluble and insoluble fibre, such as wholegrains, wheat or rice bran, fruits (e.g. banana, apples), vegetables (e.g. asparagus, broccoli, carrots) and legumes. You could also consider psyllium mixed with water which can be taken as a supplement.  Foods that contain sorbitol, such as prunes and apples may be useful for constipation as part of an overall healthy diet, and should not impact negatively on your fibromyalgia symptoms.

    Unless the sorbitol or magnesium you mention was prescribed by your doctor in medication form, I'd suggest avoiding these as isolated components, and instead aim for a healthy diet which can be sustained long-term.

    It may be worth considering an appointment with a nutrition professional, who can take a detailed health and diet history to determine the best plan for you.

  • babs123

    HealthShare Member

    I'm sorry the site interpreted my “F.M.” to mean fibromyalgia, when in fact I suffer from Fructose Malopsorption, so unfortunately your reply wouldn't apply at all.  I read mention on this site in a discussion about my F.M. where sorbitol was mentioned as a constipation remedy.  Most of the advanced testing in Ausralia of foods and substances has sorbitol as a no no for we who suffer from fructose malapsorption, so I was just trying to clarify what I had read which seeemed to be a direct contradiction for what is tolerated by fructose malobsorbers and not.
    But… thank you for your reply and I do apologize for the confusion.

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