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    How do I know if thyroxine medication is working for me?

    I had a total thyrodectomy and been taking 100mg thyroxine I have had to increase it to 200mg daily but I still feeling very unwell, weak, tired I am due for another blood test in late January but I am wondering how long before the medication starts to work. I also have IBDU would this cause problem with absorbing my medication?
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    Product information on Thyroxine is available which explains that a full therapeutic effect takes about three to four weeks.  It also outlines other important information patients need to be aware of including the need for it to be taken on an empty stomach and how some substances, certain foods and other drugs can interfere with its absorption.   The blood test will help check that you have the right levels of thyroxine.  Having a diagnosis of IBDU means your IBD is confined to the colon and at this stage it cannot be determined whether it is Crohn’s colitis or ulcerative colitis.  Since it’s in your small bowel where absorption primarily takes place, and the colon or large bowel is where water and electrolytes are absorbed, your IBDU shouldn’t interfere with the absorption of medication.    

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