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    does a seizure cause damage to the brain?

    What damage does a seizure do to your brain. On the scans they found no cause from scarring etc, i have grand mel epilepsy and would love to know what effects it has over time and if so what can i do to help prevent any damage? Is it possible to effect your eyesight, after a large seizure it feels like my eye sight gets worse or is it just paranoia
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    Not everyone who has seizures has scarring on their brain. Sometimes the scaring is from an injury to the tissue and in some cases from severe brain infections and inflammation. Some people are born with brain abnormalities which can cause seizures.

    Sometimes seizures do affect a person's brain function particularly memory, especially short term memory around the time the seizure occurs.
    It would be worth having your eyes tested and report these findings to your doctor. It is important to report any syptoms that are worrying you to your doctor as they may be related to something else. You could also ask your doctor what has caused your epilepsy.
    The best way to help your brain to function well is to control your seizures by taking antiepileptic medication as prescribed and that work well for you, avoiding your seizure triggers and be fit and healthy. The best ways to do this are by having a healthy sleep pattern, eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise, remaining positive, avoiding stress and too much alcohol.

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