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    Can I take antidepressants while on epilepsy medication?

    Am I able to take any kind of anti depressants while having to take 1000mg of the epilepsy medication Keppra a day?
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    As a general rule, people who take antiepileptic medication can also take antidepressants. However, this should be discussed with the prescribing neurologist as individual responses must be taken into consideration so that the right “fit” for you is achieved. You may also like to call Medicines List on 1300 633 424. They are a free service and can give advice on prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and herbal/complementary medicines.

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    I would suggest you see your doctor and talk about  your  problems, you dont always need anti depressents, I too are epileptic and suffer depression, and have suffered for a  long long time.  . I have just this week talked to a doctor for the first time. What a relief knowing i have finally faced up to it. My doctor reffered me to a pyscholigist who i saw yesterday, i felt very comfortable and was able to share my feelings freely. In the past i have been a victim of substance abuse, so anti-deppresents are just not suitable for me as i know i would end up abusing my medication, and i want to get better not make the situation worse,. Anyway, any start is a good start so talk to your doctor. The  sooner the better. Plan your day, pick out clothes that you will wear to the doctor and put them somewhere where you walk past all the time in your house, book a appointment AND GO!!  Then you can  start your path to well bieng. All the best, hope these words offer you some incentive to start.

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