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    Can gastro paresis cause stomach muscle spasms?

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    My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about 4 months ago. She has changed her diet and is eating smaller and more often and seems to be much better. However, last night she experiencd severe muscle tightening in her upper stomach area, just under the ribs. The muscles became taut and hurt to touch and seemed to bulge. Everyway she moved caused pain. It was so severe i nearly called the ambulance. I gave her two neurofen thinking that her abs were actually spasming. This seemed to work and she was fine the next day. She said she has had this before but not so severe. She is doing the HSC so lack of sleep and stress may also pay part in this disorder. What do we do?
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  • Anonymous

    Hi, not sure how old this question is but I am 21 and also suffer from gastroparesis. I often experience severe stomach cramping, particularly after a larger meal or if I drink fluids with my food, so essentially when the volume is too large. Is she on any other medication? Panadol may help with the pain but I was given motilium to increase the stomach movements and help everything along, it's worth discussing something with your gp if the pain continues. Also make sure that she gets the right amount of nutrition and calories in smaller doses (eg try liquid calories like ensure which are easily absorbed). Hope everything improves 

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