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    Losing my job due to Mental Health, what can I do?

    Hi, I suffer Depression and Anxiety
    Last week I had a breakdown and my specialist demanded I take the rest of the week off, wed-Monday.
    Today my boss pulled me aside and had a chat, I started to cry again, so much going on in life and I’m struggling to keep up and hold down a fulltime job, which I admitted to, but I’m doing my best. Can I do my job, yes and I do it well, and he admits that also, but my quality of work is being effected mostly by having to take time off due to my mental health.

    I’ve asked for less hours, be it a day off per week or less hours a day.
    he said from a business point of view, he would have to think if it’s viable or not.

    So in short, I may lose my job due to mental health and I’m worried because as a single parent I’m forced to find full time work, yet I’m going to run into this issue again anywhere I work.

    What am I meant to do? Lose my job every 6 mths and struggle between whilst I find another?!
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    As far as the industrial relations side of things is concerned, you might find it helpful to check out ;(and links therein).

    To quote from it:

    "An employer MUST NOT take any adverse action against an employee (or prospective employee) because of his or her race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or MENTAL disability"

    (The capitals are mine.)

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    Dorothy Anne Hamilton

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    I agree with the other two responders
    Another angle is to check if your workplace has an E.A.P.
    (Employee Assistance.Programme.)
    You would be allowed three  (paid by the firm) confidential  consultations with their programme counsellors.
    Check this out. Your organisation's EAP arrangement may well be multi- skillled i.e. with legal concerns plus psychology. This would be helpful.
    Your HR person would fill you in on this.
    As a practising mental health clinician, I often counsel clients with similar problems.
    Best wishes

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