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    What is dream therapy?

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    Lucy Appadoo


    I am a Registered Counsellor and Wellness Coach who specialises in grief and loss, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger management, and stress management. I have … View Profile

    Dream therapy is a form of psychotherapeutic work that explores the different elements of your dream, including the environment of the dream, the symbols, the people and the emotions in the dream. The dream work is very individual such that various elements in the dream will have different meanings for different people. For example the snake could signify power and control for one person, but for another person it could signify danger or gossip. It's very important that you're able to explore what the dream means to you and how it relates to your current life. To recall a dream you can write a question in a dream journal and be open to whatever comes up in the morning. Ensure that you write the dream whilst you're half awake, because being fully awake can mean that you miss a big chunk of the dream. At a later stage you can begin working on the dream by writing down and brainstorming what the different symbols mean to you. After you brainstorm you can look at how the different people in your dream relate to various aspects of  your own character that are currently not expressed in your life. You may have a manipulative person in your dream so you need to ask yourself, where in my life am I manipulative or how do I relate to this particular quality in my waking life? There is so much more involved in dream therapy which could not be covered here. However, for further information you could contact a dream therapist or a transpersonal or holistic counsellor that works with dreams.  I personally have an interest in dreamwork, which is great to work with for personal growth.

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