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    How do I cope surviving family suicide, financial loss, stroke and cancer?

    I lost home and business in recession of 1989. I got a new job but retrenched in 1990. Started own business but had massive stroke in 1999 (was told I'd never walk again). Did walk again.

    My depressive older brother committed suicide by train the next year, Sister attempted suicide the year after him. Diagnosed with agressive prostate cancer year later, failed prostatectomy. Wife/carer had liver resection and in poor health.

    After being given 2 years to live opted for radiotherapy which has been successful. I believe in visualisation and mind power
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    • Dr Carla Rogers
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  • Dr Carla Rogers


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    Hi there,
    Firstly, just wanted to say that I'm glad you've taken this opportunity to reach out to the community.  There is no denying that you've been through a series of events far beyond what most people have to experience in life.  While you've certainly been through lots of negative experiences, it seems to me that you're a fighter, having walked after being told you wouldn't, and having come through radiation with success.   The power of the mind and visualisation is a very powerful tool when faced with so much life stress.

    Not having met you, I can't offer a diagnosis obviously, but many people having experiences this level of stress and trauma would be dealing with depression and potentially symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  Have you been to see a counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist throughout the years?  Gaining support from people outside of these events is sometimes a useful strategy - even if it's just to have a sounding board.

    I would encourage you to seek some help - preferably with a psychologist who supports your view in terms of believing in the power of visualisation and ‘power of the mind’ - as therapy will be far more effective if you can work together as a team using strategies that work for you. 

    Warm wishes


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