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    Anyone with ideas and strategies for depression?

    hi everyone  if you have ideas for anyone suffering  that could help for example  i have a box for when i am really bad and mood is low i put everything that makes me happy i put things in there that distract me like soap hand cream, face wash , colouring book and pencils  peppermint tea this helps soothe you  i focus on drinking it really slow , happy cd or favorite jumper makes you feel like you are being hugged , any ideas on soothing or anything is great help not only to me but others

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  • keren robertson

    Healthshare Member

    Well you won't believe it but I go out to the horse paddock & pick up shit!!!!! My horse usually comes for a sticky beak in case I have treats so we have a chat, a cry, a cuddle, whatever. Feel much better after that cos I vent & get to work things out logically as I don't have anyone to confuse the issue further by commenting animals are the best therapy

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  • Anonymous

    I find i sink in deeper  aftter thinking about the bad experiences inmy life. consequestly itry to spend a few mnutes each moring remembering  good times whe I was laughing.  On the othe hand i find that if i  think about the most awful dsays inmy life, i can say, well, "thhis sure won't be  the worst day of my life. i try to set short ad long term  goals to do things that willmake me happy. With a bit of medication ad a psychologist iit's a mix that works for me anyway.

  • Alysha Coleman

    Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychologist

    Alysha is the Primary Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Institute for Healthy Living, a clinical psychology practice in Bondi Junction. Alysha has worked with ... View Profile

    Above are some excellent examples of pulling oneself out of low mood by engaging in activities that provide either a sense of pleasure or achievement. These two types of activities are the first step fo changing behaviours that can maintain depression. Plus, these activities have the added benefit of distracting us from our thoughts. 

    Alysha Casey

  • My research interests include immunology and the mechanisms of amyloid formation. The latter has implications for people who are dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease ... View Profile

    I find that going for a brisk walk, just noticing without judging the colours and shapes of what I can see (mindfulness) helps.

    My clinical psychologist has told me that physical exercise aids in endorphin release (though I don't know how good the data are) but walking helps to maintain my physical fitness.

  • CrochetQueenKerry

    Healthshare Member

    It is quite easy to learn the Ukulele, try it! Also, I read with the cat on my lap. But sometimes even reading a good book is beyond me and I can only watch TV or a DVD. When I find it too hard/impossible to drag myself out of that awful black hole I have to just ride it out (also not easy). Good luck everyone, we are all battling hard. Kerry.

  • APD Dietitian with a passion for helping people own their health and make change. Author of 2 books, educator, presentor. View Profile

    Hi all,

    Can i suggest you have a look at what you are or not eating.  There is research indicating not enough B group vitamins, sluggish bowel, and dehydration can certainly contribute to a change in mood.  For some, me included, there are certainly some foods and drinks that can quickly change a mood for the downer.  Make a diary of foods and drinks you consume, activities you do and people you hang out with and see if there are patterns.  Mind that chemicals in foods can be misleading and hidden and so it is an area to explore with a trained dietitian/nutritionist who can put you on the right track. 

    Exercise is important.  Between the fresh air, blood moving with more oxygen to the brain and happy hormones such as oxytosin floating through your body we tend to develop a different perspective of our situation.  Exercising with a friend or buddy is even better as we bond and start to feel better just having a happier person around us.   

    These are just a few tips and if you need more specific guidence be sure to contact a professionally trained councelor or more.  

    To your health 


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