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    How can I believe that I can overcome my Mental Illness?

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    All my life I have had this Mental Illness and so many professionals I have seen all tell me that I will always have it for the rest of my life and will always need medication and professional help. How am I suppose to believe otherwise and is it realistic to think that one day I may actually be over it???
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    You ask big questions and I don't know the answers. However, I believe and have experienced that change and healing, even from the most difficult circumstances can happen. Perhaps you can try looking for any opportunities (even tiny ones) that your experience with mental illness can bring you, and rather than wondering can I ever be over it, try asking how can i live a more satisfying life even with it? That way you change the dynamic of fighting with it to one of accepting it slightly more.

    Paradoxically and unexpectedly this can ultimately bring the change you seek.

    All the best,

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