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    What are my mood changes and why do they happen?

    First off, I have depression and anxiety and I am a 21 year old female. That I do know, but my behaviours seem much more than that. I want to mention I've never been manic before. For about a month time frame, I can be productive and have goals: picking up the pieces of my life where I last left them basically. Then for about two months I go into a depressive, reclusive state and nothing is possible. I never expect to go low again and think that this time will be different and I can stay well and keep my head above water but that's never the case. Nothing (knowingly) triggers me into a low, it just happens one day and lasts for a long time. I really want to start this job I have lined up at a primary school but I'm so afraid of going low during that I'd have to stop working, which has happened in the past with other jobs, high school and other study. I feel hopeless like I can never have a future because I'm uncontrollable.
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    Wow, you are dealing with a lot of anxiety about your depression and what it has meant for you for  trying to achieve your goals for what you want out of life. You do not mention if you are receiving treatment for your depression and anxiety. It's important that you are on the right medication that helps you manage your symptoms, and it sounds like it would also be important that you are working on psychological strategies as well - in particular identifying and challenging patterns of thinking that may make you more anxious and/or depressed. This is best done with a psychologist, who you can access through Medicare by getting a referral from your GP.

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