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    Can an overactive thyroid cause me to overeat?

    Can having an overactive Thyroid cause me to overeat? There are days when I can't stop eating. I am constantly hungry. Someone mentioned that it could be from my thyroid causing me to overeat. I am due to have this removed but in the meantime I was wondering if this is the cause. thank you
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    The Butterfly Foundation was founded in August 2002 by Claire Vickery who found many ‘gaps’ in the public health system for those experiencing eating disorders. … View Profile

    Yes an overactive Thyroid can possibly cause someone to overeat. But there many also be other things that could be adding to this. Therefore it is difficult to comment on this in isolation. However what you are doing is correct, by consulting your doctor and receiving specialised treatment for this issue.

    The Butterfly Foundation

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    Dr Nicolas Oddone Baridon MBBS, MS, MD, FRACS is an accomplished and passionate General Surgeon whose main interest is thyroid surgery (endocrine surgeon). He has … View Profile

    You should consider visiting your endocrinologist to check your hormone levels. It is important also to consider long term solutions such as surgery that will avoid frequent and sometimes difficult check ups.

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    Dr Kevin Lee

    Endocrinologist, Nuclear Medicine Physician

    Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nuclear Medicine. I am on Twitter @dr_kevinlee. I am on Facebook I help patients with obesity, diabetes, thyroid, … View Profile

    Increased food intake (Hyperphagia) is a classic textbook symptom of hyperthyroidism.

    Often even with the increased food intake, there is still weightloss due to the increased basal metabolic rate from hyperthyroidism.

    Coming back to the original question, it is strongly recommended that you notify your surgeon or endocrinologist if you are still having hyperthyroid symptoms coming into your thyroid surgery.


    Dr Kevin Lee
    BSc(Med), MBBS, MHS(Clin Epi), FRACP
    Consultant Physician Endocrinologist

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