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    Mental Depression, not understanding the sypmtoms and reasons

    The personal hell of Depression and not understanding both the symptoms and reasons why, I felt the way I did
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    • acefrehley1977
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  • acefrehley1977

    HealthShare Member

    Hello Kids,  just a general comment on the joys of depression, prior to actually realising what that I suffered from depression, I left my Wife of nearly 20 years (for no reason really)
    some 10 years later I quit my highly paid job (again, for what I originally thought as for no reason) I know realise that after all these years of no recognition, no holidays, no support,
    no assistance of any kind, my Brain stopped, it popped a synapse!

    I always suffered from being inadequate, always 2nd or 3rd best, no short, but tall enough,
    not ugly, but not handsome enough, a handy sportsman, but better on the bench, not dumb,
    but not inteligent……..after 40 odd years it built up, I dropped 20 kilos, had very dark thoughts
    suicidal thoughts, how easy it would be, just to turn that steering wheel into a tree, into a bridge………………..I have been on medication for near on 7 years….cured no way!


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