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    Why is it recommended that COPD patients have flu shots?

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    Dr Mark Hurwitz

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Director Respiratory and Sleep Medicine The Canberra Hospital Clinical Associate Professor The Australian National University Medical School View Profile

    The evidence for flu vaccinations is overwhelming. There's no doubt that our patients with COPD have further deterioration in their condition when they have any sort of intercurrent infection. These often precipitate exacerbation of their disease. The most common thing to do this is viral infections rather than bacterial infections. And during the winter months, we're certainly all aware of the severity of an influenza infection in a susceptible population. The flu vaccination seems to be well tolerated and also very effective. Not, like all vaccinations, clearly not totally effective, but certainly it is effective if in not totally preventing the disease than, at least, reducing the severity. And if one thinks of the deleterious effects of influenza on a person with COPD, then, clearly if we can reduce the incidence, that's got to be a value.

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    Dr Sina Michael Keihani

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Keihani is a Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine and also a Specialist in Sleep Disorders. He is the Director of SleepMed Australia and Consults … View Profile

    Patients with COPD can, if they get infections, take a lot longer to recover from those infections, and have the worse outcomes. In such instances they may need to go to the hospital as a result of those infections. Half of the infections patients get are viral, and the majority influenza and preventable.

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