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    Where can I find help after I have lost a loved one through suicide and am now having suicidal thoughts myself?

    I have suffered from bipolar, major depression & often find myself in a real dark place at times.

    Yes I have often had thoughts of suicide.
    Even though I know how it effects your family.
    After the loss of a loved one through Suicide.
    It doesnt help me when in that Deep Black Hole…..
    • lcbabe
    • Matthew Bishop
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  • lcbabe

    HealthShare Member

    I guess it depends on how strong a person is.i think im weak at times when i have the thgts of suicide.
    Then i think if i am so weak.
    why am i still here and havnt suceeded with the suicide thgts i have quite often have been through.

  • From one perspective there is a single issue here - that which you have described - but from another it can be broken down into two issues to be addressed:

    One is your grief 

    The other is your depression and suicidal thoughts

    Bereavement over a loved one's suicide can certainly arouse sucidal thoughts, however it is often the case that whether a bereaved person is prone to strong suicidal thoughts has a lot to do with their own mental health and coping strategies - for example whether they already suffer depression, and whether they have experience strong suicidal thoughts in the past.  

    Two appropriate helplines to get advice on what to do about this are: 

    Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

    Suicide Call Back Service (which is both for people at risk, and people bereaved by, suicide) 1300 659 467  


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