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    Is it normal that my periods have stopped?

    I lost a lot of weight due to Crohn's (I'm 22) and my period has completely stopped. I'm assuming it is due to the weight loss and am trying to maintain my weight but it's rather difficult. Is it normal for women with Crohn's to have a change in their cycle?
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  • Dr Simon Benstock


    Dr Simon Benstock completed his advanced training in Gastroenterology at Prince of Wales and St Vincent’s hospitals in Sydney. His major interests are colon cancer … View Profile

    Occasionally you can have a crossover between gynecological symptoms and gas symptoms with Crohn's. In this case, the change in periods or what we call amenorrhea, when you don't have periods for certain periods of time, can often be due to the weight loss itself. So, indirectly, that would be due to the Crohns. In this case you want to make sure that you are being treated correctly and that you are in remission. If that is the case, then hopefully your weight will increase and your periods will return to normal. This is not a particularly common thing to happen and you would certainly want to check with your gynecologist that everything was okay.

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