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    How serious is Sjogren's syndrome?

  • Dr E. Vanessa Salazar Serrano

    GP (General Practitioner)



    Dr. Serrano is a Queensland-trained female GP working in Gumdale.Following completion of her medical degree from the University of Queensland, Dr. Serrano has worked at ... View Profile

    The seriousness of this problem depends on whether it is occuring alone (primary Sjogren's syndrome) or if it occurring as part of or together with another autoimmune disorder (secondary Sjogren's syndrome).
    Symptoms of primary Sjogren's syndrome consist mainly of dry mouth and dry eyes. Up to one in three patients with this syndrome, however, will go on to develop joint pains, dry cough, Raynaud's phenomenon, and various other symptoms. One of the most serious manifestations of Sjogren's syndrome is malignant lymphoma. This is very rare and usually only occurs very late in the stage of this illness.
    It is recommended that all patients diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome consult with a rheumatologist for regular monitoring of disease effects and progression.

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