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    Why do I get cramps in my left foot when I wear heels?

    I get cramps in the sole of my left foot, mostly on the inside area, whenever I wear anything higher than flats.

    What might be the cause of this?
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    Jason Tomlinson

    Personal Trainer

    It could be something to do with the plantar fascia due to the position the ankle joint is in when wearing heels. I'd suggest seeing a Podiatrist so they can examine it and give you a treatment plan.

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    Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is co-founder of the Chirosports Group one of Australia's leading groups of Chiropractors working together since 1994. Dr Michael Cohen Chiropractor … View Profile

    As a Chiropractor I am commonly seeing women with similar problems and agree that seeing a Podiatrist is a good idea.  Even though the pain is occuring in your foot, the problem may possibly be coming from your pelvis and lower spine area so it may be worthwhile having an assessment with a Chiropractor to see if the problem is from nerve interference and an alignment issue.

    I recently wrote an article about high heels and your health that may also be helpful.  You'll find it at

    Hope you can resolve this soon.

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    Jonathan Harris


    Jonathan Harris is a Titled Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist having achieved Master Degrees in both fields. As well as his undergraduate Physiotherapy degree he also … View Profile

    The Medical field is still out on the topic of ‘why do we get cramps’……but I would suggest, in this case, that a particular muscle in the foot is being placed is a shorteded position and being asked to work hard and not getting a break.  This can cause the muscle fibres in the sole of the foot to ‘lock’ (cramp) because they are not getting the chance to stretch out like they would during the course of a normal footstep.  The muscles might also be protecting a bony malalignment you have (possibly).  It is worth seeing a physio or podiatrist to see if there are some simple stretches you might be able to do or perhaps some gentle mobilisation of the bones in the foot might help to reduce the cramps for you.  Good luck, jono

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