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    How can I teach my tween to do chores?

    I want our 10 year old son to begin cleaning and doing chores. How can I get him involved? What types of healthy incentives can I use?
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    Incentive is the key, nobody likes doing chores, we don't kids don'd, but they do have to be done.
    Also huge research on self esteem and chores, the more competent a person feels the better they feel about themselves.  My own children all had set chores, pocket money was on Sunday, their room had to be tidy before pocket money would be handed over, very simple, chores done, room tidy pocket money, if now done no pocket money, seemed to work.
    Mary Jane

  • Justice Rosta

    HealthShare Member

    I am 14yr old and i do have chores my self and sometimes what can help is like for an exaple 25 cents every time he takes out the trash or 50 cents for vacuuming, just things like that and at the end of the week he gets his "pay", but if he forgets to do a chore or refuses to he dosent get his "pay" i hope this helps

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