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    how do you get your meds right?

    would it be better to go to a psychiatrist to get help for prescribing antidepressants if nothing has worked so far
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  • Psychiatrists specialise in the area of mental health so yes, if you are finding your medication is not helping I would ask your GP for a referral.

    A GP may also be able to help- some GP's have more of an  interest in mental health than others. Also your GP will be able to rule out that there is no other physical ailment that may be contributing to you feeling unwell and not feeling any progress on your medication. (For example thyroid problems and low iron may affect your mood and level of energy.)

    It may also be worth considering seeing a psychologist as often medication and counselling together can be more effective for recovery from depression than just medication alone.

    Best of luck!

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    It takes time. I think I tried 6 different brands before finding this newly developed Cymbalta. It has changed my life. If you can't afford to see a psychiatrist find a good GP, mine is Egyptian and amazing & knowledgable 

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