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    What is physical abuse?

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    Physical abuse has been an aspect of domestic life in Australia for a long time. Physical assaults that would be serious criminal offenses if committed by one man against another - for instance, hitting, slapping, or striking with an object - have been legally and socially sanctioned when committed by a man against his wife and child, or by parents against their children. Today, incidents of domestic violence committed against both women and children remain at epidemic proportions, although there is increasing recognition within the Australian community of the prevalence and harms of violence against women and children.

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  • Dianne Zebic

    Counsellor, Psychotherapist

    Dianne Zebic has retired as of 31/01/2015 View Profile

    Physical Abuse includes hitting, pushing, shoving, slapping,pinching,throwing things in a room,punching holes in the wall, breaking things and possessions inside your home, trying to choke someone,bruising someone,belting someone with a belt.

    For children it is against the current Child Protection Laws to hit children.
    Please find below ways of understanding what Physicall Abuse is, for children and some would aply for your spouses.

    1. Slapping kids across their legs or bottom' or face area.
    2, grabbing your child by their arm which leaves brusies
    3.shaking a child against the wall or in any other way
    4. belting your child when they are naughty
    5.Hitting your child

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