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    How can erectile dysfunction be treated?

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    I am a European Certified Psycho-Sexologist and a trained Counsellor/Therapist with over 20 years experience, holding Clinical/Level 4 membership of the Australian Counselling Association, one … View Profile

    There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction.  The treatment depends on the nature of the erectile dysfunction.  Many men use a PDE 5 inhibitor (Viagra, Cialis) to assist them to chive or maintain an erection.  However, this in many cases may only mask the issue/s and not deal with the underlying cause.

    Erectile dysfunction can be the result of physiological issue, yet more often there is a psychological cause associated with it as well.  Therefore a psychosexual/sex therapy is needed to assist in dealing with these psychological causes.  With psychosexual/sex therapy you will also learn new techniques to improve your erection health as well as improve your intimate life and relationship.

    Through sex therapy, you will learn how erections occur and how they are mianteained.  You will explore techniques to assist you to achieve healthier erections as well how to deal with anxiety and other issues whcih are likly to be impacting on your abaility to get and/or maintain an erection.

    An improtant part of sex therapy, if you are in a relationship, is working with you and your partner to address the ipct of erectile issues on your relationship.  Erectile issues are not just an individual problem but an issue for the relationship and your partner.  Working together with your sex therapist will provide support, and education for the both of you and iprove your relationship.

    In some cases, your sex therapist may refer back to your GP for a check -up, especially a heart health check-up as erectile dysfunction is an indicator of possible cardio-vascular issues later in life (especially, if the man is over 40 and has recently begun experienced ED). 

    As a sex therapist I also recommend men with erectile issues might like to consider using recommended penis rings to assist with maintaining an erection and assist in building confidence.  In more severe cases, I also recommend a vacuum erection device (penis pump) to assist with gaining an erection.

    Men who have had a prostatectomy also require other additional therapy to assist them to achieve an erection.  Your sex therapist will work with your GP and/or urologist to ensure the best outcome.

    I am more than happy to discuss how sex therapy can help and how I treat ED.

    Dr Christopher
    Sex & Relationship Therapist

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