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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Can I recover from/outgrow chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Will chronic fatigue syndrome stay with me forever? Or is it possible to overcome it and resume my normal life?
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  • Kylie Royal

    Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer

    Director, Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer. Kylie’s determination and passion in striving for ultimate health & success is what has led her to a successful … View Profile

    I have treated many people with CFS and have successfully dealt with it myself. I firmly believe that you can recover from this debiliating illness, if the key cause is identified and worked through. For me, and with all the cases i have dealt with there will always be factors that need to be acknowledged through the rest of your life and things that will trigger elements of the fatigue, but if it is appropriately worked through recurrances wont necessarily occur.
    My biggest advice is to get to know yourself, your triggers and what causes your symptoms and adopt strategies to deal with these appropriately right from the start.

  • Nathan Butler

    Exercise Physiologist

    Nathan Butler is an exercise physiologist and founder of the multi-disciplinary Active Health Clinic whom specialise in chronic health especially Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, orthostatic intolerance … View Profile

    Yes, you can recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CFS is a complex multifactorial condition and addressing the contributing factors is the first step in managing. These can include genetic, dietary, neurological and personality traits. We have treated hundreds of people with CFS and know first hand the challenges of such a debilitating condition. With time people can at the very least learn to manage their health and then improve to a point where they are not limited.

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